QEM 2017 - 4th edition

After 2005, 2009 and 2013, we are pleased to invite you to join the 2017 session of QEM.

Transmission Electron Microscopy is still improving and is being continuously implemented with new quantitative techniques. QEM is a a unique occasion for advanced users to learn and find out about new breakthroughs around Transmission Electron Microscopy.

The lectures will provide an exhaustive overview of up-to-date TEM techniques including CTEM.... The programme will be soon available.

When, where and who ?

QEM 2017 will be held during two weeks, from Monday 22th of May to Friday 2nd of June 2017 (after PICO conference in Jülich and EDGE congress in Okinawa).

It will take place in Balaruc-les-Bains, on the Etang de Thau (french riviera).

This event is devoted to confirmed electron microscopists and the amount of places is limited for cumfort in front of the microscopes. Therefore a background (theoretical or experimental) is required to attend.

How To...?

QEM can be attend by anybody whith a background on Transmission Electron Microscopy. The amount of place being limited we first propose a pre-registration system.

Pre-registration is now closed. Elligble candidates are currently contacted.

If you forgot to pre-register, you may try to send us a mail (qem2017ATgmailDOTcom) to explain us why and perhaps being added to the waiting list (without any guaranty!).


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QEM 2017 - 4th edition
Mon. 22th May -  Fri. 2nd June


Important Dates

March 2016 : Opening of Pre-Registration

31 Dec. 2016 : Closing of Pre-Registration

January 2017 : Selection of elligible students

February 2017 : Registration

22th May 2017 : QEM starts


This event is organized thanks to several institutions that are bringing their support along with essential sponsors

French Research Council

Nanosciences Foundation

Région Occitanie

French Microscopy Society

NEXT Labex



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